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We are also the premier Tantra training organisation to operate globally.

Who are we?

We are Martin and Maria, a married couple with more than 20 years personal experience in Tantra and almost 10 years Tantra training experience world wide. To study Tantra we visited 19 different countries and many more teachers and ashrams. Right now we live our lives from within, free from the fear of being truly alive. We are assisted by several gifted and well trained people from many walks of live and from various nationailities. Why not join us?

We are pleased to forward you information about who we are and how we work.

We are a group individuals who have realised that all that is in us, is part of who we are. We no longer spend time wondering what it is that we really want, whether it is good or bad or if it will bring us anything or not.

We live our own unique lives. We live it with clarity and conviction. We effortlessly live dualities as if they were one. We find ourselves open to ourselves, to others and to life around us. This is who we are and we have big smiles on our faces about who we are.

What we do is equally amazing as we just live what we know is the most natural thing in life, to share our own being with other wonderful beings. We meet people without fear, without conditions, without mental struggles as we believe that openness between two people is the most fascinating and also the most natural experience in this life.

To meet us does take some planning and effort. The biggest restriction in meeting us is the inability of people to add new centres of self interpretation into their own minds. We do not want to be looked at through your stained glasses, we demand that you meet us the way we meet you. We do not look at you, we look at all the unimaginable things that you and us can create by spending time and walking a path together.

If you think that you do something abnormal or shameful then please do not book time with us. When you realise that what you will experience with us is the most natural human experience ever, then we are happy to receive your booking. We do not hide what we do, we do not enter into any discussions about why we do this precious work, neither do we feel the need to explain what we do. We do this because it is right, good, fulfilling and normal.

We are with you and you are important to us. If you feel that you should have a rigid breakdown of what we will do, then we suggest you send us specific questions or book with someone else. Our aim is to spend as much time with you as is necessary to have a rewarding time for both of us. Our aim is to hand you skills to be you ... for the first time and for the rest of your life.

During your time with us you will receive, learn and practice tantra techniques with your tantra practitioner. You will have the opportunity to share time with a person who is free to be themselves, free from the fear of sexuality, someone who has chosen to live an amazingly natural life. You do not buy the practitioner, you buy time with a well educated, skilled and experienced tantra practitioner who is also an exceptional natural sexual person.

Thank you for your interest in our work and in yourself.

PLEASE KEEP ASKING ... do share your preferences!

We are looking forward walking a road with you.

Where are we? Martin Tantra and Maria Tantra.

We are as far or as near as you are prepared to have us. Our main centre is in Marbella, in the province of Malaga, Andalusia, Spain. Smaller centres are in other parts of Spain, India, UAE, Mexico, South Africa, Switzerland and Brazil. We travel by invitation to all parts of the world, serving you in Tantra.

Frequently asked questions

We receive many emails with requests for personalised answers. Please first read our frequently asked questions here and if you still need an answer, please write to us. contact us.


We have centres in Spain, India, UAE, Mexico and in Swizerland. We welcome the opening up of other centres world wide. Contact us for more information about having your own Tantra Centre. read more ...