Need dynamite to get your sexuality going?

The discovery of dynamite was hailed as an enormous breakthrough in the mining industry. The potential to move tremendous amounts of rock with one explosion made a lot of sense to miners trying to explore the richness of the earth.

Today dynamite is also extensively used in the manufacturing of weapons that are designed to kill people.

The discovery of tantra was hailed as an enormous breakthrough for people seeking to live fulfilled lives. There was no more need to progress through yoga and meditation steps to reach the SELF. Tantra became the instant technique to living a life from within.

Today the term tantra is also extensively used by many people offering sexual services as a way of earning money.

Tantra is a technique which allows us opportunities to receive sexual healing, to re-connect with ourselves and to live fulfilled lives from within.

Many men found an astonishing switch in the nature of their sexual issues. At first they complained about suffering from premature ejaculation. Our clients soon realised that they have to deal with the mind blowing concept of being multi-orgasmic without ejaculation.

Women are so used to comparing their orgasms to those experienced by men. It is indeed something that causes so much damage in women when it comes to their unique sexuality. Our female clients now learn that they can be permanently orgasmic. Indeed a huge shift from trying to match the typically masculine terminal orgasm.

The common practice amongst spiritual people is to re-connect with themSELVES over and over again. People keep going from one kind of spiritual practice to the next, seeking the next high in their re-connection to the SELF. Our clients have learned that with tantra techniques there is no need for a repeated connection to themselves. The reason is that they have discovered that there is available to them far more than the bliss of re-connecting with themselves. They now know there is a life to be lived from within.

Living a life from within has tremendous benefits. One completely stops wasting energy on useless stimuli from the outside and therefore has an unbelievable amount of energy available for living his/her own unique life.

There is also an absolute clarity about self and the role to be played in this life. No more wondering, comparing and searching are necessary. Our clients learn that they can trust their inner selves and live exceptional lives.

Another benefit is that all the needs disappear. Instead of having a need for love, one becomes love. Instead of the need for intimacy, one becomes intimacy. When sharing with others does take place, then it is a celebration of no need to receive or to give. Our clients frequently comment on the fact that for the first time they have some understanding for the concept of abundance.

Living one's own life from within allows one to be free from fear. One does what one has to do. The mind is now employed as a very useful and trusted companion instead of a limited guide. Emotions are now chosen for their application in daily life instead of following them blindly.

Many of our clients comment on the fact that suddenly they have a sense of flow with what is unfolding in this life. Someone said that she experiences life now as a huge "conspiracy" as everything seems to fall into place so effortlessly.

You do not need to learn more. You do not need to do something new. You do not need to become someone who you are not. You only have to let go of unwanted stuff in your life. Whatever you need to live a fulfilled life is in you already and it has been there all the time.

Tantra is a technique to offer people opportunities to start living life from within.

Are you ready to be truly alive?

Become who you have been already all the time .. your SELF!