What are YOU looking for? Fulfilment perhaps?

Most people live their lives as autonomous robots always looking externally for that which they can never find.

People go through the days repeating the same tasks and the same thoughts over and over again until life has left them completely. There must be more than this? There must be a place of eternal growth that will never loose delight?

Obviously all there ever is, is in this moment, now. How wonderful it would be to gain the ability to shut out this external chatter and live in complete awareness and absolute presence.

Think about gaining the ability to completely love every part of yourself and accepting every single piece of life instead of picking it apart and finding imperfections.

Let's look at Tantra. Tantra has a set of techniques, neatly wrapped as rituals which create opportunities to experience this for yourself. Some techniques deal with the breath, others with touch and others with the circulation of energy

We have, unfortunately, the tendency to block this energy in various areas of our bodies using our mind. If we have difficulty being sexual then it is pent up in our genitals, or expressing ourselves, it is stuck in our throat etc.

To release these blocks we can use the breath since focusing on breath allows the mind to follow the breath, and the energy follows the mind.

Many people suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction, be it frigidity, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, or just emotional difficulties caused by say, prior abuse.

Tantra can help an individual to overcome many of these problems. Here, I am using Tantric massage to illustrate these points.

Correct breathing is vital in Tantra and is performed by deep breathing into the belly, not the chest. This will allow a sense of deep relaxation and will circulate life force energy around the body. The giver and receiver should try to maintain eye contact in order to build trust and concentrate on feeling rather than thinking.

Most people have had experiences which have changed their view of this world or of themselves. We ALL have the ability to reconnect with our spiritual selves.

To heal and love yourself are the stepping stones through which we love others. Without seeing the divine in ourselves it is not possible to see the divine in others and to connect and be intimate with them. Sensuality and sexuality in Tantra are simply tools to a higher goal. When these powerful energies in the body are awakened, it paves the way for physical, emotional and spiritual rejuvenation. Sexuality is but one of the many branches of Tantra that leads to fulfillment within.

Healing helps us to experience true intimacy whether it is with ourselves or with others. It helps us to open various avenues of clear communication. Relationships will start to take on a whole new meaning and purpose when clear communication is practiced.

Tantra is regarded as violent when the mind is involved - the mind violently seeks patterns when there are none. Then the mind fabricates emotions, pain, fear, illusions, bliss and visions.

Tantra does not give you anything, it only takes away the unwanted. When the unwanted goes then the wanted can surface.

Most clients make use of these opportunities. Some use it as a sexual therapy, however, these are small and temporary things. Why? They are small in relation to who you really are but big for the mind as it moves away from old patterns.

People keep searching for love through sexuality. This is not really our objective for our clients. Other clients have a sense of re-connecting with themselves, saying they they have never felt so good in their lives. They have a sense of calm, love and openness.

But again, this is not really our work.

There are clients who start living their lives from within where there is an acute awareness of the outside but observed from the inside and where there is an absolute clarity about how to live - here and now. People experience that they are ALREADY love and that they do not need to look for, or maintain it.

THIS is our job at Alegraluz Tantra International - this is what we are famous for. This is what we have to offer.

Some people take their time to work from the sexual therapy, to re-connecting with themSELVES to living life from within. We do not believe in the processes of the mind as they are erratic. We do believe in the absolute unchangeable SELF that has always and always will be the same.

It is up to you to decide where you want to be and to make sure you get there.