Are you happy and busy ... YET unfulfilled?

Our lives are happy because we follow guidelines about how to live our lives.

Religion guides us about how to behave in relation to the divine. Society guides us in being sociable by following acceptable norms. The elders in the family guide us towards continuing with practices that are dear to them. We even have our own set of learned guidelines that form our character.

Our lives are busy because we are constantly doing something towards preparing for a specific future. Working hard and following the guidelines are important components of a busy life.

In spite of all the hard work and the obedience, there is still something unfulfilled in our lives. There is something that keeps reminding us that there must be more to life than what we are living right now.

Most people are involved in some kind of therapy. The therapy is to assist us to cope with this unfulfilled aspect of our lives. It can be with a medical professional or it can be in the way we deal with alcohol, drugs and food. It can even be wonderful things like falling in love, studies, sport, music, dance or going to the movies. The latest popular therapy is gaining an altered state of awareness through spiritual practices.

Living a life by following guidelines that come to us from the outside, doesn't seem to lead to fulfilment. Even the addition of constant therapy doesn't quieten the inner voice that calls for fulfilment. Surely there must be a way to be fulfilled.

Thousands of years ago some people came up with the notion of living a life from within. It was about living a life from within to the outside and not the other way round. The philosophy acknowledged that we first learn the guidelines coming to us from the outside, then to unlearn to follow these outside guidelines and only then to replace it all with inner experience guidelines.

This philosophy encountered a lot of protest because when one lives a life from within, then one should be someone special. One should be the best and on par with the divine. Even today it is said that it is impossible to live a life free from comparing ourselves with others, it is impossible to be free from the fear of being someone unique and that it is impossible to be free from the limitations of the mind especially when re-connecting with our inner selves.

Living a life from within means living a life without a need of following outside guidelines or seeking approval for who we are and what we do. It means that we are not playing games and therefore not wasting any energy. It means that we have a clarity about who we are and what we are doing.

Living a live from within means that we are not able to supply explanations for what we are doing except that we are doing it because we are clear that we have to do it. Living a life from within means the re-connecting to whom we have always been. It means the moment by moment living of our own unfolding lives.

When energy is not wasted on trying to decipher the guidelines coming from the outside, only then we can experience energy in abundance. When we live a life from within, from who we really are and we do what we really want and have to do, only then we are filled with joy and creativity.

Living a life from within takes courage. It takes courage to face our own greatness, a greatness that is greater than the limitations of our own minds. The basic choice is choosing between being fulfilled or staying unfulfilled. It is a choice between living a life from within by following inner guidelines or to follow guidelines from the outside. It is a choice between being an unfulfilled seeker of who you are or a fulfilled master of living your own life.