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To make love sounds so easy. Isn't it the simplest thing that humans do? Everybody does it, right?

Let's look at this scenario:
i) Two people meet. The attraction is noticeable and shared. There is some discomfort initially but it does make way with the growing excitement.
ii) They discover in themselves an openness to start communicating.
iii) Soon afterwards they commit themselves to spending time together.
iv) The need for touch devours them. A hand will reach out and touch will take place.
v) It is a surprise when one starts doing things for the other.
vi) It is even a bigger surprise when they realize that there is a shared need to give and receive gifts.

This is a perfect scenario to prepare two people to make love. The lovemaking will be easy and natural. Things will flow and it will be the simplest thing that humans do. Sexual energy will orchestrate the unfolding of lovemaking at its best.
Then one day this couple is faced with a dilemma. Both of them want to make love with each other but it doesn't happen. Something has changed. They got stuck. They still feel the same. They still have the openness. They still have the desire. It just doesn't happen as they were used to. What happened to the force of sexual energy?

This is what my article is about. It is about how to make love and keep on making love.

To make love one needs some basic elements: two people, time on hand and a dedicated space.
Two people need to commit to making love. It isn't just going to happen by itself like in the beginning. One person needs to be the initiator. The initiator is the one who will start to invite the other. This person also needs to start the lovemaking through the giving of gifts, the whispering of love words and the soft and slow touching of sensitive spots.

The couple should set at least a few hours aside for their lovemaking session. The telephones should be unplugged and switched off. The children should be in the care of others. All appointments should be cancelled.
The place should be warm, cosy and free of clutter. The ultimate is a dedicated room for making love. Employ the scent of incense and the soft light of candles to assist in creating a sensual mood.

Women are generally seen as the ones well skilled in employing feminine energy flow during lovemaking. To enable women to express their soft and powerful feminine energy flow freely, they need time and a prepared partner.
The shortage of time is usually a big limiting factor and it is up to both partners to allow enough time for a dedicated discovery of each other's sensual spots and to play with each other.

A prepared male partner is someone who is prepared to be overwhelmed by the amazing power of female sexuality as well as able to take on the same feminine energy flow as the female partner.

Feminine energy is more continuous than the explosive male energy. Feminine energy is about the trust and ability to break into a million pieces and to regroup these pieces into a new and rejuvenated person. Feminine energy is about opening up to being truly alive.

A prepared male partner will have the skills and ability to become less and less active all the time. Most women wrongly encourage their male partners to act, to perform and to ejaculate. A woman should coach the male partner into being complete, whole, fulfilled, content with the experience of continuous energy flow throughout his whole body.

Women can coach men into being multi-orgasmic. This can be done by trusting their own feminine energy, by opening up to who they really are, to being a woman and a goddess.

When the male partner is a divine human being, only then the couple can make love. He has no needs. He has no need to be satisfied or to satisfy. He enjoys the moment of being fully alive in his full body energy flow. He is passive in doing but active in being present.

The woman becomes the active love maker. She has now been liberated to express herself. She has no obligation to have the biggest orgasm ever. She has no duty to satisfy the man. He is beyond desire, he is beyond role-play and he has no needs except to experience this situation for as long as he lives.

The woman expresses her lust, she experiments with her sexuality. She discovers new sensitive spots in her body. She pleases herself. She makes love to herself and her partner.

The two partners disappear into oneness. The concept of time disintegrates. The place they are in gets transformed into an unlimited space. The less they do the more they experience. The less they want the more they receive. They feel alive and fulfilled. Enthusiasm and an abundance of energy run freely through them.

To make love is important to some people. To make love often is desired by some people. To be love, that is the true nature of all people.

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