Ships are not built for harbours. Neither are relation-ships!

Many books carry many rules about the do's and don'ts of relationships. To quote one: A man should not approach his partner when she is not in the mood. A woman should not approach her partner when he busy.

The rules are so contradictory that it is actually amusing. What to do? What to say? When to it? When not to? Whoa! Stop! There must be a simplified answer.

Most people receive answer to their questions when the look for it. Actually, it is impossible not to receive an answer to clear questions. The mind asks and the mind answers. This is how simple it is, except, it doesn't satisfy the need for being alive.

Relationships are supposed to be the ultimate place to have and share intimacy. It is also the ultimate place to show us that we don't have any intimacy with our partner. It actually hurts to think about this huge lack of something that we crave so badly.

Partners start working on their relationship and then soon discover that it actually doesn't bring them anything except a deep sadness. Many partnerships even end the moment partners take time to reflect on their relationship.

Often people reflect on the concept that they first have to fix something in their past or that they have to focus on something in the future, before they can move on to having a fulfilled life. The bad thing that happened to them when they were small or the money I have to earn suddenly rise up from the ashes.

Maybe the gurus are right. We have to live the moment. There is not enough time to fix the past or focus on the future. What happens with the time, during the time when we are fixing the past? Do we have to go back and relive that as well? Do we have to go back into the past and live now, all at the same time?

The golden rule that comes from ancient Indian philosophy, is that we have to do, whatever we do, as a technique or an action towards our spiritual growth. Hopefully what we have to do and not do is getting simpler. Hopefully the quest for an ever eluding intimacy can be found in spirituality ... but what is spirituality?

Spirituality is when things operate the way they should. Spirituality is when people are aware of who they are, the full extend of their energy and the profound depth of their own greatness. It is something like in a quote by Carl Jung: "Who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakens."

The moment people see their partnership as a technique, a tool, a device, a help or a teacher; at this very moment their relationship takes on a spiritual quality. The beauty is that the relationship is now observed by both partners, that it gains an entity value and that it can be altered, changed, enhanced or even discarded. It is not about the relationship, it is about what it allows me to bring into my life. It is about me AND the relationship.

A relationship is more like a stage. It is a stage for performing my life dance. It is a stage for my saddest solo stand-up show ever! It is the perfect place where I can discover more about myself, my real Self! The relationship creates an environment for awareness about the quality of my life, from within outwards. The terrible but true saying: it is a mirror!

The International School of Tantra offers monthly workshops in bringing relationships to an end. The workshops allow couples and singles to gain personal spiritual awareness because of the relationship or even in spite of the relationship. Touching a person with whom you are not intimately associated with, can have lots of surprising ripples vibrating through your being.

Sexual energy is so powerful, wonderful and delightful; all at the same time. Sexuality is so enriching, rejuvenating and revitalising that one needs to learn a few simple skills on how to deal with it. Touching a stranger can be the simplest trigger for a profound life changing process. Just go try it! You might get slapped but at least your life will change!

The workshops run by the International School of Tantra contain simple steps to allow people to experience what they always wanted to experience ... fulfilment! The fulfilment point is reached by most participants of the workshop, not in a mental or rational way but as an inner experience. There is nothing to be feared about these Tantra workshops, except that nothing might happen.

Do you want to end your terminal relationship with your relationship? Do you want to start fresh? Join the simple people. The ones who were looking for something and actually found it ... themselves!

Tantric sexual relationship training courses for love and intimacy now available in India, Spain, UAE, Mexico and Switzerland.