Tantra is much less than what you might think it is.

Actually, Tantra is not at all amused or bothered by the controversy surrounding it. Tantra is just quietly doing what it is suppose to do. Tantra has been doing just that for many thousands of years in fact.

The naked truth about Tantra is that it is only a technique to be used to accomplish something else. Once the something else has been accomplished then it packs its bags and off it goes. It is exactly at this point where everything goes haywire amongst Tantra users.

Many Tantra users amusingly get so attached to the experience they had through some kind of Tantra technique, that they try to package Tantra. These Tantra addicts want to take it with them wherever they go. Almost like taking your cigarettes with you whenever you change rooms.

Tantra techniques are for the experiencer and not for the experience. No single experience can be repeated through Tantra. There is nothing of "more" or "higher" or "deeper" experiences available to the experiencer once they have experience what they should experience.

So, what is the job of Tantra? What on earth has to be experienced? Does it all boil down to some weird sexual experiences? Is it about experiencing something that is not allowed by my upbringing, my culture or my religion?

Tantra surely did choose the most insignificant goal to achieve. The goal of Tantra is to offer the technique users, a split second interaction with themselves. Tantra focuses on a split second interaction between you and the one who you really are.

Is that all? Is this what it is all about? "Surely there must be more," I hear many people say. What about all the sexual things we hear? What about people running around in the nude and touching each other?

Tantra is a technique. Tantra is a technique for personal spiritual enlightenment. It is nothing more or nothing less.

Many people get stuck with the technique aspect of Tantra instead of getting stuck in their own personal spiritual path they have to follow. The techniques are not for everyone but a personal spiritual path is. It is good to leave the techniques with a few dedicated people and to indulge in your spiritual path.

The word spiritual, another word so misunderstood that it needs some clarification. To be spiritual isn't a blissful state of copying what others are doing. Spirituality is the state when your energy flows freely throughout your whole being. Spirituality is when you know who you are, what you are supposed to do in this life and you do it.

So often I hear from participants in our workshops about the "blocked chakras" syndrome. Many times I hear that participants tell me that they can move their energy even up to their hearts or wherever. The saddest thing is when participants try to explain to me that they are in a process of change, that they are turning spiritual, that they are gaining awareness.

Tantra techniques allow the user to experience their divine self. If you have experienced it for a split second, then you can experience it every moment of your life. There is no process to go through. It is just the switch that needs to be touched and all the lights are on. Processes belong to the mind and not the being. There is no need or time to fix the past or to plan for the future first.

When Tantra is dragged into the mental games of unaware users then it becomes associated with a therapy for sexual problems. Tantra is no therapy, Tantra is instant!
Tantra doesn't care about your problems; it does care about you living your greatness. Anything that is greater than the understanding of the mind, that and exactly that is your greatness. It is called greatness because it is greater than your understanding of it.

Once you have seen or experienced your divine being for a split second, then Tantra is already standing at your door with its bags packed. The taxi has already been called and Tantra is no more welcome or needed. This is where Tantra users get it so wrong, so very wrong! The tantra user should now walk the path that allows a state of being which can be described as restful and alert. Should Tantra be taken with on this road, then people become Tantra abusers.

Once you have re-connected to your divine being, you are re-connected. No need to do it over and over again. No need to make sure that you are allowed to live your greatness, no need to hang onto any unsolved issues. When you are healed, you are healed. When you are living a life of joy this very moment then it can just as well happen the next moment as well and the next and the next!

When Tantra has given you a split second encounter with your divine self, then you have to let it go. Tantra needs to visit many people. Do not hold onto it. Should you want to walk a spiritual path with Tantra in it then you have to obligation to study Tantra techniques and to pass it on to others.

Tantra gets praised and blamed for things it never even dreamt off. Tantra is dragged into the therapy rooms of quick massage sessions. Tantra is praised as the biggest sexual liberator of all times. Fortunately Tantra is too wise to get stuck in any of the assigned roles. Tantra has no god, no book, no code and no rules. To study the Tantra techniques you only need your divine self and nothing more.
Tantra is a quickie. Tantra hits and run. Tantra is on the move. You are eternal, you are the moment and you are more than Tantra. Tantra is a technique, you are real. Live your life to the fullest right now. Face your greatness and share light, peace and joy.

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