Questions and answers about Tantra Sexuality Training Courses and Workshops.

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What is the relationship between the International School of Tantra and Alegraluz Tantra International?
Tantra training and Tantra Touch workshops are the responsibility of the International School of Tantra. Alegraluz Tantra International is responsible for conducting Tantra and Tantric Sexuality Massage sessions world wide. The two organisations share the same owners, vision and offices.

What kind of Tantra is taught at the International School of Tantra?
Tantra is packaged by ISOT as a SELF re-discovery and SELF EXPRESSION course for both men and women, singles and couples. We do not advocate bliss as a state of being. We stand for a restful / alert state of living a fulfilled life. It is a special road for people who want to re-discover and express who they really are, free from impressions of the past and dreams about the future. If you can't tell your partner about enquiring about Tantra, then perhaps you are not ready.

How do you work with qualified Tantric Massage Therapists who have their existing practices.
We start with a general discussion about our conditions (that we do not do happy endings, that we do not sell sex and that the massage lasts a minimum of three hours). After that we discuss how we can proceed in order to achieve a win-win situation for both parties. Mostly we agree on receiving a referral fee on booked clients. Lately we are also involved in partnerships with tantra practitioners where we do the marketing for them after they have attended a 14 course with us.

I am interested in a session with you but I would like to receive some training during the Tantric massage. Can you incorporate that?
Tantra has as aim the personal enlightenment of people. This is a very scary concept as we get to face our own greatness that is greater than the small understanding of ourselves. To dabble or play with Tantra is not advised. Many people get stuck in bliss and it represents the same symptoms as burn-out or bore-out.
Our own training in Tantric Sexuality Massage took many years and in some parts of India the training lasts up to 20 years.
We at the International School of Tantra have a training programme that lasts a minimum of four weeks. We suggest you try the various other Tantra training providers in your area should you want to take short cuts.

Who can attend a workshop, or take The International School of Tantra training course?
Our training is open to all. Men, Women and Couples. Including same sex couples. People from religious orders and of all race types are welcome. Anyone who sincerely seeks to discover his or her own SELF will feel at home with us.

What does it take to become a Professional Tantric Massage Therapist?
To be registered with ISOT you first have to register as a student. Then you have to do a seven day workshop with us, you have to do a one week Professional Tantric Massage skills course, you have to do a weeklong course in presenting tantra workshops, you have to do a one week business course, write a thesis and sit for the exam. Some parts can be shortened if you are qualified in massage and currently running your own massage business.

How do you calculate the cost of a Tantric Massage and of a Professional Tantric Massage Training Course? The cost of a Tantric Massage is double the price of a one hour massage in an upmarket hotel in a city where you want to work. Because a Tantric Massage lasts a minimum of 3 hours it is therefore multiplied again. The cost of a Professional Tantric Massage Training Course is calculated as to 20 Tantric Massages in your area. The fee structure we have right now is based on an average massage fee in cosmopolitan centres throughout the world.

Why do you mention: "Previous experience in Tantra not required"?
The International School of Tantra Training is open to all adults. Previous experience indicate to us that you have learned some proper breathing techniques and that you are comfortable in using your mind for what it is meant for and not to rule your life. However, without previous experience you are still welcome to attend a workshop.

Who attends The International School of Tantra Training courses and workshops?
The International School of Tantra training courses and workshops are open to all, men woman and couples. Our courses are attended by many beautiful people. Many you will never see again. Some of them will become your life long friends or even a life partner.

How many hours of workshop time during a workshop?
The 7 day workshop lasts around 85 hours. On average a workshop day lasts between 12 and 16 hours, which includes meal times and breaks. We therefore suggest that you arrive the previous evening before the start of the workshop.

What is The International School of Tantra stand about male ejaculation?
We do not do ejaculations, happy endings or hands relief. It is a waste of time, money and energy. We do want the client to be orgasmic, not even multi-orgasmic that is, to be permanently orgasmic. We do want male clients to have as many orgasms as their female partners. Orgasm is not linked to ejaculation. With ejaculation the clients are back on their old paths. We desire for them to experience a guilt free, invigorating experience that will last the rest of their lives.

What can I expect from working with The International School of Tantra?
We seldom employ anyone. We do not make promises of wealth and prosperity within the Tantra industry, except to say that we have more work than we can possibly handle. We are able to forward many client enquiries from many parts of the world, marketing leads that are generated through our websites.
Once you have an interest to be part of ISOT or Alegraluz Tantra International, then we suggest that you take your time, ask many questions and perhaps start training with us in Spain.
We do not want anyone to depend on us for their income within the Tantra industry. We want students to open their own centres, something we train them for. We do have a professional business attitude within ISOT and the goal is to train students to be fully equipped to do financially well, within a short time after completing their studies.

When do you have open sessions?
Open sessions in normally take place the evening before a tantra training course. The frequency of these open sessions is very seasonal as it depends on requests for attending them. The best is to contact us to make an appointment to attend.

Are you in all the locations as listed on your website?
The International School of Tantra therapists, practitioners and teachers, as well as other trained therapists or associate therapists visit most of the locations mentioned on our website, but only at times.

Are you in the personal development field?
The International School of Tantra and our Tantric Massage Therapists see themselves as highly trained professionals in the personal SELF re-discovery and SELF EXPRESSION field. When we were born we had it all. Many aspects of our being got lost through learning and assuming roles. The essence of who we are can be taken on once again. This is the field that ISOT therapists and practitioners find themselves in. We do not teach anyone how to live or what to be, this they know much better than what we can ever know. We train people in using Tantra techniques as opportunities for themselves and others to live a life from within.

What is the difference between your workshops and your courses?
The International School of Tantra workshops are open to everyone and the energy level of the group is taken into account on the direction and level the workshop will take on. The only desired outcome of a workshop is the skilled SELF EXPRESSION of the participants. The tantra training courses are for students and follow a prescribed curriculum with a focus on a set outcome within a predetermined time.

Do you teach or train people in Tantra? Do you do Tantra therapy?
For massages we prefer to use the terms clients and therapists. For workshops we use the terms participants and coaches. In professional Tantra courses we train students in the use of Tantra techniques.

What is the going language that you offer the workshops in?
The main language is English but we also offer German and Spanish translations if and when requested. Regional language preferences are usually catered for by the locals attending the workshops.

Is nudity a compulsory part of the workshop?
Nudity is not compulsory but preferred when one works with a nude participant.

We want an exclusive workshop/session in our home town. Do you do that? What happens in a private workshop?
Yes, we do serve people wherever they are. First of all we need to know if the workshop is for you only or for you and your partner. We do require full payment before we enter into any agreements, booking of flights etc.
We do offer private sessions on many different levels. To be able to tell you which one is for you we do we needs lots of information from you. You can start by telling us about your need contacting us and any other relevant information.

How does the International School of Tantra differ from other Tantra training organisations?
The International School of Tantra is the first Tantra training organisation that doesn’t focus on bliss as a goal. The International School of Tantra balances sexual restfulness and sexual alertness and therefore allowing the individual to have energy packaged to live their own unique lives in a fulfilled way.
The International School of Tantra doesn’t make any therapist dependent on the organisation and endeavours for the financial independence of qualified therapists in the shortest time possible.
The International School of Tantra doesn’t police any therapist in the way they practice Tantra. The International School of Tantra doesn’t belong to or sit on the board of any so called “governing bodies” of Tantra.
The International School of Tantra has more than ten years experience in the Professional Tantric Massage field and is the first global Tantric Massage Training organisation.
The International School of Tantra believes that it no big deal to be enlightened as it is who you are anyway.
The International School of Tantra knows that it is impossible not to be your SELF, unless you waste a lot of energy trying not to be your SELF.