Our Professional Tantra Teachers are mostly available in Spain, Switzerland, UAE, India or worldwide by invitation.

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Tantra Teacher
ISOT Director

Martin is the founder and director of the International School of Tantra.

The Tantra direction that is followed, is in line with the Indian, Arabic, Buddhistic, African and Chinese Tantric teachings for spontanious spiritual enlightenment.

Martin is adamant that one can live life fully from within and be free from adopted outside belief systems.

Martin completed several degrees in Anthropology at university level, specialising in religions and their rituals. He studied Tantra and Taoism in India, China and Thailand.

Martin has a strong background in International Management Training and is an excellent listener and ardent traveller.

You can contact Martin through this website.


Natural Health Practitioner
Tantra Teacher
Alegraluz Director

Maria is the founder of Alegraluz Tantra International which is aimed at Professional Tantric Massages.

The Tantra direction followed is affiliated with the traditional Indian path for spontanious spiritual enlightenment.

Maria holds advanced qualifications as: Tantra Trainer, Tantric Massage Practitioner, Naturopath, Rebirthing Practitioner, Silent Meditation Practitioner, Medical Assistant and as Business Administrator.

Maria enjoys dancing, travelling and meeting interesting people.

Maria speaks English, Spanish and German.

You can contact Maria through this website.


Registered Psychologist
Tantra Teacher
ISOT India Director

Layla is a qualified psychologist and works in Indian wellness indutry.

She has included tantra techniques in her work and love the amazing benefits to her clients and herself.

Layla holds a Masters Degree in Psychology and also studied Transpersonal Regression Therapy and is a Hatha yoga teacher.

She speaks English, Hindi, Konkani, Canada and some German.

You can contact Layla through this website.


Yoga Teacher
Tantra Teacher
ISOT UAE Director

Rita is well qualified in yoga and tantra.

She practices combinations of yoga and tantra techniques to present a special and unique product with amazing results.

Rita comes from a background in the entertainment industry and has travelled the world in living her passion.

She speaks English, Russian and Arabic.

You can contact Rita through this website.


Fitness trainer
Tantra Teacher

Liam is a qualified fitness trainer and yoga teacher.

He also studied detox techniques and caring for drug addicted young people.

His passion is to teach ancient techniques that hand people opportunities to be themselves.

Liam knows that living life skillfully takes determination, effort and patience.

His hobbies are practicing sport and hiking through nature.

Liam has a simple goal and that is to meet and stay in contact with as many interesting people as possible.

You can contact Liam through this website.


Tantra Practitioner
Tantra Teacher
ISOT Spain Director

Kolle is an expert in international communication.

He has decided to explore his true nature, to follow the call of each moment in all aspects of his life.

Attending a tantra workshop acted as a major oportunity and wake up call in Kolle's life, inspiring him to implement major changes and helping him to let go of limiting beliefs.

Now he is dedicated to share his new found views on living a fulfilling life.

Kolle speaks German, French, English, Spanish, Russian.

His hobby is vertical gardening.

You can contact Kolle through this website.


Veterinary Surgeon
Tantra Teacher
ISOT Americas Director

Emmanuelle qualified as a veterinary surgeon.

She also studied acupuncture, osteopathy, cranio-sacral therapy, animal chiropractic and tantra techniques.

She has a great passion to better the relationships between people as well as people and animals.

Emmanuelle discovered what it means to be truly alive and this she shares with people whenever they are ready.

Her hobbies are horse back riding and salsa dancing.

Emmanuelle has been demanding from people to live fulfilled lives, free from fear of their own greatness for many years now.

You can contact Emmanuelle through this website.