Just to say thank you very much. We look forward to meeting you again in Tantra. Hopefully soon.

I remember my tantra experience with you two as the first step into my self journey and it brought me so much. Especially letting go, flowing in abundance and being love. It feels I am starting to live a fearless life and living my full potential! All this just started and it is a new level of consciousness I entered. I am totally confident it will unfold and manifest in my whole life. A bbig hug and thank you so much again for what you added to my journey, you both are great! E from Holland.

It was a real pleasure and an enriching experience for me meeting you. I feel skilled, empowered and enlightened about my sexual life and my energy is amazing. I now think that my confusion was the reason for most of my inhibitions. I will continue to learn more from you and thank you for your help. (M / Turkey)

I joined the workshop with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. I was excited because I was looking for a group experience with enough depth, playfulness and direct personal involvement to justify the effort of travelling from London to Malaga. I was apprehensive because I feared that the event could attract disturbed people with serious psychological issues or could become a disguised form of orgy or group sex (to which I do not feel personally attracted).
My experience of being there from Sunday afternoon to Thursday morning was rewarding and did not confirm my fears. The workshop was led by Martin in a tactful and competent style. There was a lot of group playfulness and Tantra was presented in a way that participants could internally process without jumping unprepared into stormy waters. There was some nudity and physical contact among participants but it all felt natural and contained within certain boundaries. (Dr / London)

 "A Most Enlightening Experience"

Even if I had participated in some Tantra workshops previously and read many books on the subject, I know that the word “Tantra” is used liberally by many. This lends itself to misconceptions. However, in this workshop there was an atmosphere of safety and sanity. Of course, as it happens with any other human being, some people talked about unresolved personal issues, but I could not see any sign of deep psychological disturbance in anyone. There was an ambiance of trust, mutual nurturing, sensual aliveness, humour, meditation and loving support. (MD / Germany)

I was the oldest member of the group but I am very clear that age has two dimensions. One is chronological age, from which there is no escape. The other is age as a subjective mental state. In this group I felt young and alive. (P / Ireland)

I did not come to the group because I need to improve my sexual life. Fortunately my partner and I have a very good sexual life. I did not come to the group because I needed to resolve some personal issue. I have had many years of personal therapy and I'm in contact with my own feelings and inner conflicts. I came because I am always interested in personal development and search for wisdom. I was not disappointed. (MM / India)

I want to thank you for the Tantra workshop. I really enjoyed it and found it a most enlightening experience. I´m finding lots of stuff coming out now, long after the workshop.
I really enjoyed it and I think everyone should do it. I´ve sold it to a few already, who say they´d really like to give Tantra a go. I hope we get to meet again soon. (M / Marbella)

Again thank you for the experience, let me know the next time you are in town as I would very much like to meet you again. (B / Ireland)

Today I wanted to send you an email and found yours in my inbox. Thank you for all the follow up. I was with you guys several months ago. Oh my god! So much time has passed and I have come so far in the journey within. I am a different person now and everyday something new is happening, initially I thought it is a phase but now I know it is my new life and its so beautiful. I can not express in words ... vocabulary falls short.
I didn't write earlier because I wanted it to happen ... when I am ready ... now I'm ready.
I love you guys so so much ... without you I wouldn't have been where I am now. My heart is full of gratitude and my eyes with filled with tears ... may god bless every living being with the wisdom to perceive.
Deepest regards to all of you and see you soon! (N / India)