Learn the philosophical and academic part of Tantra.

Learn the basics that separate Tantra from other philosophies. Delf into the history and understand how Tantra is interpreted in the times we live in.

Who should study the philosophy of Tantra?

This course if for anyone who wishes to learn to communicate what Tantra is all about. Previous acadamic experience is not compulsory.

What will I learn?

Learn to easily communicate the road Tantra has taken through the ages, to communicate the basic assumptions underpinning the philosophy of Tantra and be able to categorise the different Tantra streams currently available.

Do I get a certificate?

After completion of the course you will be presented with your International School of Tantra, Tantra Philosophy Certificate.

Locations of training courses

Training centre locations of the International School of Tantra are in Spain, Mexico, India, UAE and Switzerand.

How to enrol?

Just write to us and we will come back to you shortly.