Open your own Tantric massage centre or Tantra workshop and training business.

Re-train in an exciting and the rewarding career of tantra therapists. The International School of Tantra Teacher Training prepares you with skills and know-how to share Tantra anywhere in the world. Have the best job ever, work as a tantra practitioner or tantra therapist.

Who can become a Professional Tantra Teacher?

Anyone who feels the calling to work in the Self Expression Industry is welcome. Most students first complete their Tantric Massage Therapist training before starting their tantra teacher training.

What will I learn?

The International School of Tantra Teacher Training programme gives you the business know-how, the practical teaching skills and practical Tantric massage experience to be the successful Tantra Teacher you want to be.

How do I become certified?

To become certified as a Professional Tantra Teacher you need to complete the following modules.
The tantra teacher training certificate will clearly state what you have done during your time at the School of Tantra. Accommodation and meal charges extra. All fees quoted are for Spain only.

1.Professional Tantric Massage Training 5 Days 2500 euro
2.Intensive Tantra Workshop 5 Days 1500 euro
3.The philosophy, history and directions in Tantra 5 Days 1500 euro
4.Training to assist in and present Tantra workshops. 5 Days 2500 euro
5.Business Training, Exams, Thesis 5 Days 1500 euro
Total discounted cost when all courses
are taken together during one month,
depending on the advance payment period.
  3500 to 6000 euro


Tantra teacher training courses take place in Spain, Mexico, UAE, Switzerland, India and worldwide on request

How to enrol for tantra teacher training courses?

Have a look at teh calendar page of this website and then write to us, ask all the questions you need answering and we will respond as soon as we can.