What is Tantra?

Tantra is a set of techniques, neatly wrapped in the form of rituals, allowing you opportunities for your personal spiritual enlightenment ... allowing you opportunities for re-connecting with and to SELF EXPRESS your SELF. The International School of Tantra specialises in personal as well as shared Tantra. Tantra techniques consist of breathing, touch and intimacy sequences.

Our Tantra philosophy is:

The International School of Tantra in not interested in taking anyone into a state of bliss. The goal is to allow participants to find their own permanent state of being restful and alert, to live their own lives in a rewarding manner, to live life from within. SELF EXPRESS FOR PERSONAL SUCCESS is our motto!

History of Tantra

Tantra stems from India and Tantra also got stuck in India. Tantra suffers from too much focus on the action or activity as well as the rationalisation of spirituality. In many counties, especially in the USA, Tantra is seen as a path to bliss. Bliss-out is the net result. Tantra can overcome all the obstacles to serve as a technique for spiritual enlightenment, enabling people to live fulfilled lives from within.