Boardroom Tantra workshops. Stop repeating boardroom mistakes in the bedroom and vice a versa! Are you in need of inner creativity for yourself and your business?

Who comes to a Boardroom Tantra workshop?

Most of our clients and participants are from large international companies who have learned to be honest about their own lives. Executives from all ages are now drumming up the courage to say that there is a distinct relation to what happens in boardrooms and bedrooms. Creativity can be depleted or flourishing ... what is it in your case?

What happens on a Boardroom Tantra workshop?

Participants learn to breathe an an orgasmic manner. To breathe in a way that releases energy throughout the whole body. Participants learn to have their touch needs satisfied. Participants experience the result of intimacy that satisfies. Participants learn to apply Tantra techniques in their everyday lives. Business people learn to be them SELVES. To live life from within, filled with an abundance of energy, creativity and joy.

What can I learn on a Boardroom/Bedroom Tantra workshop?

You learn to add freshness to whatever you are doing, to have a clear sense of alertness whilst being completely at rest in whatever you are doing. It is no longer about what you do, it is about who you are when you are doing it!

Start your SELF EXPRESSING journey now!


Our unique 3 in 1 skills programme offers you: opportunities to experience opportunities to learn opportunities to practice It is clearly value for money because it is all inclusive. You will be equipped to use these skills the rest of your life.

More than 10 years proven customer satisfaction. Thousands of people benefited from our work. An elite group of people is now living successful lives. You will learn skills that you can use from day one. Easy to follow programmes allow you to learn at your own pace. You can even select what, when and where you want to learn. You may even make up your own group to attend a programme.

Our premium service available worldwide. We are in Spain, India, UAE, Qatar, Mexico and Switzerland. We even come to you, wherever you are. You can even choose the venue that suits you. Our programmes are truly international and suitable for everyone. Practical learning empowers you to be successful where you are.

You will gain effective skills to have a clear answer about WHO you are! Who you are is no secret. Only you know. Your clear answer to who you are will allow you to SELF EXPRESS effectively. You are the one who guides the thinking and the feelings. You are the observer of what is in you.

You will gain effective skills to have a clear answer about WHERE you are! When you know where you are then you will be able to know where to go. To SELF EXPRESS for success you need to know your position. Your body is your physical reality and to be in your body is the starting point.

You will gain effective skills to have clarity about those with WHOM you are! When you know who you are and where you are then you will gain opportunities to clearly see and understand the impact of the people around you. You are intimate with everyone you meet. This is the fact you have to deal with.

Looking forward to meeting you soon! Martin and Maria

How to enrol

Decide that this is for you, something you always wanted to do. Then contact us.