A workshop just for you and a tantra teacher (or a partner of your choice)

A personalised workshop as a private session with an amazing Tanta teacher.

Who comes on an individual workshop?

People who needs to schedule their own workshop dates due to time restrictions. Also for people who need to address specific aspects of their sexual energy flow and opening up to their SELF and intimacy.

What happens during an individual workshop?

Before you arrive we have discussed in general what the individual/couple needs are. An inability to indulge in intimacy features high on the requirement for adjustment list. All sessions start with breathing practices. The next steps usually deal with touch issues and the need for experiencing full body life force and intimacy flow.

What can I learn on a individual workshop?

Learn where you stand with your own life force flow and level of choice you have about your sexual energy. Dare to reach your SELF and live a fulfilled intimate life.

More about one on one sessions

What our ONE-ON-ONE sessions are about:
For you to share tantric time with a tantric person
For you to experience the free flow of tantric energy
For you to gain a clear view of your divine being
For you to learn skills you can use the rest of your life
For you to be the super lover you always knew you are

Reasons for choosing our ONE-ON-ONE sessions:
Our full awareness is with you
Personalized for your situation
Neutral ground
Time to talk about your future path
No other people around
A real opportunity for personal growth

Book our ONE-ON-ONE session and you will discover:
That your existing life plan has what it takes to grow your personal spiritual awareness about your Self.
How to end "Energy Draining" in your life.
How to attain the crucial elements necessary for personal spiritual awareness.
Why most people have so much in their favour, yet fail to experience joy and enthusiasm.
Why people routinely resort to concessions that erode their full potential as exceptional beings.
Why people spend more time chasing fantasies than living a fulfilled life.
How society focus on your "Weaknesses" to sabotage your ability to live a life of greatness.

How to book your private session

Do this for you, something you hand to yourselfa s a gift. Then CONTACT US. BOOK YOUR LIFE CHANGING SEXUAL SKILLS LEARNING EXPERIENCE NOW.