The ultimate in Tantra intimacy and Tantric sexuality workshops.

Experience between a few or even 40 days of true Indian Tantra. Immerse yourself and delight in a once in a lifetime experience. The skills you will learn will stay with you the rest of your life.

Who attends an intensive Tantra intimacy workshop?

Normally our participantour intimacy workshops. Beginners are also welcome as in tantra there are no beginners. All you need is already inside you ... just waiting to come out in SELF EXPRESSION!

What happens during an intensive tantric intimacy workshop?

Re-activate your sexual energy flow through Tantric breathing techniques. Learn how to bond with others through hug and touch sequences. Release the stuck energy flow from your chakras through chakra tapping and sound techniques. Learn your role in opening up to life and intimacy. Enter into clear communication with your own mind. Not only will you learn to experience Tantra within yourself but you will also have the opportunity to experience Tantra between you and others.

What can I learn during an intensive workshop?

Experience a seven chakra re-opening breathing session, a yoni or lingam sound healing session, a Tantric massage sequence and a pelvic healing massage. Take the first steps in giving a Tantric massage and practicing Tantric sex. Learn how to be multi-orgasmic without ejaculation through the maithuna Tantric ritual. Finally you will learn how to sexually awaken others by moving the universe with love.

Where to find an intensive tantric sexuality workshop?

We are regularly in Zurich, Switzerland also in Bangalore, India also in Dubai, UAE also in Marbella, Spain and Cancun in Mexico.

How to take part in an intensive tantric sexuality workshop.

Decide that this is for you and do it for yourself. Do not do it becasue of a partner or even the doctor. When you are ready then CONTACT US. BOOK YOUR LIFE UNFOLDING EXPERIENCE NOW.