Experience basic and advanced Tantra techniques in sacred sexuality.

Take your knowledge and experience to the next level as multi-day workshops allow you to progress as far as you are prepared to open up. It is a natural progress after a weekend workshop. It is to settle into living a life from the inside to the outside. It is the perfect way to settle into a life of SELF EXPRESS!

Who participates in a multi-day tantra sexuality workshop?

This tantric sexuality workshop is open to anyone. People with some Tantra experience can use it as part of the training program for Tantra teachers. People with some self-development and breathing experience find this workshop easy to digest. People join us in Dubai, Bangalore, Marbella, Cancun and worldwide near you.

What happens on a multi-day tantra workshop?

You learn several sacred Tantra touch rituals, several Tantric breathing practices, you learn about the flow of intimacy energy between you and others. All comes together perfectly when you conclude the workshop by performing specific Tantra techniques yourself.

What can I learn during a multi-day tantra workshop?

Learn about sexual energy flow within your own body, then learn about the sexual energy flow in others and ultimately be able to circulate sexual energy flow between yourself and others. This is surely the ultimate intimacy skills learning anywhere in the world.

What to do with tantric sexuality and intimacy skills?

You will do nothing different from what you are doing already except that you will do it with clarity and focus. You will no longer waste energy on wondering but employ energy on celebrating an amazing life. A life filled with yourself.

How to get to take part in the tantric sexuality workshop?

Decide that you want a life of simple clarity about expressing yourself as it is something you always wanted to do. Then CONTACT US. BOOK YOUR LIFE EXPRESSING EXPERIENCE NOW.