Tantra is for SELF EXPRESSION.

Experience the tantalizing freshness of Tantra. Take your first small steps while with us. Have an opportunity to taste from a huge variety available on our Tantra plate. You choose if and when and how to indulge in a feast for rediscovering your amazing SELF.

Who comes on a weekend tantra workshop?

Many people, from all walks of life join in the celebrations of Tantra. Young and old come on a Tantra weekend workshop. We have participants between 20 and 80 years young. Men, women, singles, couples, gay and straight people, religious and spiritual people, all are welcome. Tantra doesn't try to tell you the truth; it only allows you to re-discover the naked truth that all is already in you. Tantra allowes you to SELF EXPRESS.

What happens on a weekend tantra workshop?

Weekend Tantra Touch and Intimacy workshops focus on Tantric breath work, Tantric intimacy work and Tantric touch work.

What can I learn during a weekend tantra workshop?

You can learn to be your SELF. You can learn to free yourself from any unwanted baggage. You can learn to breathe with joy. You can learn to be open to your own worth in this life. You can learn to face your own greatness and to express yourself with great clarity.

What is tantric sex all about?

Each of our workshops address an aspect of tantric sexuality. The first is that it is not what you do but who you are when you do. The second is to gain skills in being yourself in whichever way you want to be. The third is to be fulfilled in your orgasmic needs and sexual yearnings.

How to enrol in a tantra workshop

Decide that this is for you, that SELF EXPRESSION is something you always wanted to do. Then CONTACT US. BOOK YOUR LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE NOW.

Weekend Tantra Workshop (also valid for all activities of the Tantra School) rules and general info

We work with breath, touch and intimacy techniques.
These techniques hand you opportunities to be reminded about what you have forgotten about yourself.
Be the person you always knew you could be. Be the person who you anyway are deep inside.
Be free from fear and be free to live YOUR life from within.
Come to meet yourself first and then to meet others.
Our workshops are small in number and therefore an excellent opportunity for you to experience and learn well from each other and from the workshop presenters.

We suggest that you arrive the afternoon or evening before the workshop and depart the morning after the workshop.
It is also possible to make use of the other services we have on offer.
Arriving early will allow you to settle in and to take some time after the workshop will allow you to reflect on your life changing experiences before you depart.

We have a stretching, breathing, yoga, meditation session from 8.00 till 9.00. Both mornings.
The actual Tantra sessions are from 10.00 till 13.00 and 15.00 till 18.00.
During the yoga, meditation, breathing session we ask that you dress in something comfortable.
The rest of the day we wear only our pareos (cloths).

The evening before the workshop we will have a welcome exercise where you and the others will introduce yourselves, you will tell us a bit about yourself and explain what brought you to working with tantra techniques.
You will notice that you are drawn some and not to others. We encourage you to meet everyone in the workshop without allowing your mind to decide for you.
We will explain the Alegraluz International School of Tantra philosophy and rules.
The simple rules prepare you for love, friendship and fun. Above all, to meet yourself!

The going language is English or Spanish and with translations into other languages if necessary and if translators are available.
20% of the course time is talking and 80% are hands-on skills learning.

We usually gather in a closing circle to share our OBSERVATIONS of what happened IN ourSELVES. We do not ask what you feel or think. We ask you to reflect on what you observe in yourself.
By this point many participants feel connected to the group, experience unity consciousness, a state unimagined at the beginning of the day. Be free to say what you want and to be quiet if you want.
There is no right or wrong response. It is just an opportunity to hear yourself.

Be yourself.
We as workshop presenters have no interest in entertaining minds. We do have a big interest in entertaining normal beings using their minds.
Arrive on time or early for every session. If you can't make it on time, please let us know.
When in the workshop room, please assist to straighten out the carpets and to arrange the blankets and cushions as it is a shared space.
Cut and manicure your nails every day. SHORT!
Wash your hands regularly, especially before and after a massage part. Clean paper towels, hot water and soap always available.
No perfumes or chemical body sprays please. Some people are allergic.
Please do NOT invite family, friends or pets to visit.
NO tobacco, NO alcohol, NO coffee, NO sugar, NO cakes, NO meat, NO sweets, NO processed foods and NO drugs in the workshop area.
Please do not sit on cushions with naked bums, sit on your pareo or towel.
INVITE, INVITE, INVITE others for an activity and receive a verbal YES before you work with anyone.
Never assume, ask if you are not sure. Make sure you know what YOU want.
Communicate clearly. Make specific requests. You know what you want and they know what they want.
Take feedback with a good heart. Give feedback with a gentle tone.
Yes means YES and no means NO. Maybe means NO.
Changing your mind is totally acceptable. You do NOT have to take part in any exercise if you do not feel like it. Verbalise clearly that you do not take part.
It is also perfectly OK to ask for repeats of exercises you have enjoyed.
Move when you're uncomfortable. Don't sit there politely and quietly suffer.
Communicate clearly with life partners and establish your boundaries.
If you have any concerns or need assistance, ask verbally.
Tasks will be assigned during the workshop. Do yours with love. Good housekeeping save all of us money and make us feel at home.
Keep the space tidy. Clean up spills when they occur.
All emotions are acceptable. Tears and laughter are all welcome in the group.
Erections and no erections are equally OK.
If you feel angry or scared, seek the assistance of one of our highly trained presenters (many who are skilled sexual therapists) and/or go to a safe space in the room.
Identities of all participants are confidential unless they share their personal information with you themselves.
Do NOT tell anyone what happened at the workshop. It is of no use. People do not understand words. Show them with your heart and eyes the beauty of being yourself.
Come without expectations to avoid disappointment.
Come with an open being and receive gifts beyond your wildest dreams.
Receive personal enlightenment to the measure of your readiness.
After the workshop we invite you to a photo session and it is your opportunity to stand up and say that you have the right to be yourself.

We require a full disclosure of you current medical condition and the medicine that you may take.
A copy of your passport and the contact number of relatives are required in case of an emergency.

yoga mat, a big towel for floor work, pareos/sarongs, own nail clipper, nail file, nail brush, socks or slippers.
a simple light outfit (T shirt and shorts) for the meditation session in the morning.

Let us have your travel arrangements and a contact phone number to assist us in finding you if necessary.
Please make sure you have our telephone number should you need it.
Make sure that we know when to expect you. DO LET US KNOW!
Please bring some warm sleepwear just in case you might need it.
We do not supply access to physical computers, nor do we do IT support, nor do we do secretarial assistance.
Wifi and air conditioning are not always available.

We ask that you send us a few sentences about what you would like to gain from coming on this International School of Tantra workshop.
We also ask that you write to us and state clearly that you understand that you are not required to do anything that you do not want to do.
If you want your email address and name to be share with other course participants do let us know.